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How to renovate windows

Built up layers of old paint can make your once beautiful wooden framed windows look a bit sad. With a little bit of hard work and pride you can restore them to their former glory and revitalise the charm of your property.

Essential Materials - Sandpaper, Oil based Putty, Paint
Essential Tools - Chisel, Heat Gun, BLACK+DECKER™ Compact Mouse® Sander, Protective wear (Goggles, Dust mask etc.)

1Check the window

Firstly, if your windows are no longer operable because of a build up of paint, ease your chisel along the opening edges to remove the paint that is acting as a glue and locking them shut. You can renovate the window whilst it is in place but it is easier if you can remove it.

2Remove the old putty

If you are doing the outside of the window it will be best to remove the old glazing putty or, at least, remove the chipped and broken areas and replace. You will benefit from using your heat gun to soften it and make it easier to remove. Be careful to use the heat shield to protect the glass from overheating.

3Remove old paint

Continue with your heat gun (BLACK+DECKER™ KX2000K will suit the job), or use a good quality liquid paint remover and remove as much as possible of the old paint. Once removed, fill and repair any holes.

4Prepare the surface

Using your Compact Mouse® sander (we recommend the KA1000H9 with 42 piece accessory kit), gently smooth all surfaces of the window frame. The attachments within the 42 piece accessory kit will allow you to reach into all the little corners and crevices, preparing a smooth surface ready for priming.

5Apply priming paint

Remember if you are renovating the external side of your windows you will need to use products especially developed for external use.
Next apply a good quality priming paint to all the wooden surfaces and also the new putty surface.

TipPaint slightly over the edge of the putty and slightly onto the glass surface to provide a superior quality seal against the weather.
6Ready to paint

Once the primer is dry, you are ready to paint. If you have a steady hand, you can keep paint on the frame and off the glass by using the cutting-in brush. Two other techniques for keeping paint off of the window panes are holding up a paint shield as you work or applying masking tape to the glass. When using tape, press it firmly to the glass to keep excess paint from creeping beneath it. Remove the tape before the paint dries to a hard film.