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Bring your garden indoors with your very own live wall.

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  1. Measure width and height of felt pockets

  2. Cut 8 lengths of 2x1 timber at half the width of pockets. These will be tops and bottoms. Cut 4 lengths at twice the height of pockets.

  3. Pre-drill 2 holes in top and bottom of the long lengths.

  4. Screw top pieces to side lengths

  5. Screw another of these pieces just below, turned 90° to keep the frame square

  6. Divide frame height into approx 15cm sections and cut the required timber of cross pieces. In our example (frame size 2m x 50cm) we needed a cross bars plus 4 for the tops and bottoms. 13 in total.

  7. Screw these cross bars in

  8. Work out where the 4 hooks are to go on the wall and mark the wall with a pencil or chalk

  9. Drill 6mm holes in wall and insert 6mm wall plug.

  10. Attach all 4 hooks

  11. Hang both frames side by side

  12. Screw together the frames


  13. Attach felt pockets to wall using 4 x 40 screw and penny washer using all holes provided and fixing into wooden frame. Be sure to drill pilot holes before screwing into corners of frames to avoid splitting.

  14. Fill pockets with plants and water thoroughly

  15. Watch your wall grow.

Bring your project to life