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A Bold And Bright Mirror

Turn your old mirror into a colourful wall feature

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Show your old mirror a little bit of love. With a little sanding, some beeswax and a new coat of paint, you’ll have a bold and beautiful feature for your wall. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to get started.

  1. Make any repairs to your mirror (glues and sprays work well on wood).


  2. Sand down the wooden surfaces – start with a coarse sandpaper grit and then move onto a finer paper.


  3. Wipe the surfaces clean with white spirit.


  4. Apply a primer coat if the item is made of bare wood.


  5. Apply 3/4 coats of your chosen top coat paint. Allow to dry for 24 hours before the next step.


  6. Use sand paper and or wire wool on any decorative / carved areas to lift off paint to achieve a distressed look. Focus on the edges and corners to achieve the desired result.


  7. Wipe the surfaces clean with white spirit.


  8. Once happy with the distressed surface finish, apply a beeswax coat, allow some time for it to absorb and then buff. Repeat this 5/6 times (more if required, for optimum shine).


A Bold And Bright Mirror