Bit by bit, bottle by bottle we’re turning waste into opportunity with reviva™

Your Tools for change

The reviva™ lineup is forecasted to repurpose over 10 MILLION¹ single-use plastic bottles² diverting them from our oceans and landfills. This is because each BLACK+DECKER® reviva™ products' tool housing is made with Tritan™ Renew 50% certified recycled material³.

reviva™ lifecycle

  1. Single-use plastic bottles²
  2. Molded into reviva™ tool housing
  3. reviva™ products used for projects at the home
  4. Recycled for another purpose

Our commitment to a sustainable future

At Stanley Black & Decker we work towards being ECOSMART™. This means that we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, our products, our communities, our suppliers and our customers. Moreover, it means that we are vigilant about our sustainability initiatives, and that we place a priority on maintaining an open dialogue with all of our stakeholders.