Say goodbye to smears, streaks and spillages with our all-in-one window and glass vacuum cleaner.

Leave windows, mirrors, shower screens and surfaces clean and dry in seconds. Simply spray, wipe and vac with this versatile cordless product to keep everything smear and streak free. No separate water bottles, heads or attachments required.


Squeeze the trigger to spray surfaces with water or water and detergent. The window vac can be used with a variety of washing up liquids and window cleaning solutions.



The washable micro-fibre pad on one side of the head wipes surfaces and lifts stubborn dirt, stains and smears.


Rotate the head and it becomes a wet vacuum cleaner with rubber suction squeegee. Run the squeegee down a surface for a dry, streak-free finish.


Totally Portable

Light and compact with not a cable in sight, it’s easy to hold and carry around the house or even out to the car. And with lithium-ion batteries for consistent high performance, you can keep going for over 20 minutes on one charge.

Ideal for Spills

Handle every task, even spillages. It works effortlessly as a wet vac on a variety of surfaces so you can make short work of spilled drinks and other liquids.