Embedding ECOSMART™ in Our Products

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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Our ECOSMART vision—to be a sustainable company by advancing global stewardship across the entire value chain—includes sustainable considerations for our products. ECOSMART is helping us form a new product design process to assist in reducing the environmental impacts of our products without compromising quality and value.

40 Volt Lithium 20 inch Mower being used by person to mow grass.

We take our stewardship responsibilities very seriously and membership of these take back schemes wherever possible is associated with our global markets for Batteries, End of Life Products and Packaging emphasizes our citizenship commitment. In our European Operations, these include the following schemes BudgetPack, Synergy Compliance, We3 Compliance, Recupel, Bebat, Stibat, GRS, WEEE, Ireland, and ERP. Membership of these Collection / End of Life Takes Back Schemes also ensures that we meet our Producer Responsibility legal obligations throughout the European Union.

All batteries returned from the field at end of life are collected and recycled by approved recyclers. In most instances, the materials recovered from this process will be reused in new batteries. Stanley Black & Decker also take back tools for repair and refurbishment so reducing the amount of waste that could go directly to landfill. Where appropriate these tools are refurbished and sold to the public through our network of factory outlet shops.