Coffee Station

Difficulty: Intermediate

Our chic coffee station puts everything you need for a quick cuppa in easy reach while maximising countertop space.

An upcycled wooden coffee station on a kitchen countertop.

What you’ll need

  • Wooden plank
  • Wooden block for support
  • Screws x8
  • Varnish, wood stain or paint

Step-by-step instructions


Select a wooden plank long enough to form the shelf and two legs needed for your coffee station, and wide enough to fit your coffee essentials on.

A woman picking up a wooden plank for an upcycling project.
A wooden plank being cut using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V 140mm Cordless Circular Saw.

Step 1

Cut your plank to size. You should have 3 pieces; one shelf to be the width of your coffee station and two identical legs.

The wooden block that acts as a supporting piece must be the same width as the distance between the two legs - you might find it easier to cut this to size after Step 3 to ensure it's the correct width.

Step 2

Sand your shelf, legs and support block to remove any stains or paint and create a smooth finish.

A wooden plank being sanded using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V Mouse® Cordless Detail Sander.
A woman drills into a wooden plank using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V Cordless Drill Driver.

Step 3

Drill four pilot holes into the shelf, two on each side, at the same distance away from the edge of the wood. These are where the leg blocks will attach. Ensure the legs will be far enough apart to keep the structure balanced, and that the support block will fit flush between them.

Add a pilot hole to each leg to connect the support block, about half the height of the support block away from the top, centrally aligned. This will help to guide the screws in when you put the coffee station together.

Step 4

Assemble your coffee station, using the pilot holes to line up the pieces.

You’ll need eight screws:

  • Two to connect the supporting block to the shelf
  • Four to connect the legs to shelf
  • Two to go through the legs into the support block.

Start by positioning the support block on the underside of the shelf, between the two sets of pilot holes. Make sure it also lines up with the pilot holes in the legs. Use two screws to secure it in place, ensuring they're long enough to connect to the shelf without going all the way through, and far away enough from the legs that they won't block the supporting screws.

Position the legs on either side of the support block. Screw through the pilot holes in the shelf, down into the legs. Once firmly attached, add a screw through each leg into the supporting block.

A woman screws together a wooden upcycling project using the BLACK+DECKER® 3.6V Rapid Driver Screwdriver.
Wooden blocks being screwed together using the BLACK+DECKER® 3.6V Rapid Driver Screwdriver.

Step 5

Finish the coffee station in your preferred style. We left ours natural, but you could paint to match your kitchen decor, or finish with wood stain.

Step 6

Make yourself a well-deserved hot drink, while admiring your new coffee station!

A woman enjoys a hot drink next to an upcycled wooden coffee station.