POWERSERIES 2 in 1 Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum with SMARTECH being held by person ready to be used to clean spilled pet food from floor.

A New Breed of Clean

A person enjoying after cleaning room with Powerseries 2 in 1 cordless pet stick vacuum with smartech.

Take Pet Hair to Task

Life can get a bit hairy at times. And when you’ve got pets, so can the sofa, the carpets, and all your other soft furnishings. A BLACK+DECKER® pet vacuum makes light work of all those hairy moments. Because life is for living, not cleaning.

We Have Lift-Off

Get rid of pet hair, dirt and dust from every corner with ease. Our pet vacuums are designed with specialised bristles to lift even embedded hairs while stopping them from getting tangled, for easy maintenance and long-lasting suction power.

power series 2 in 1 cordless pet stick vacuum with smartech being used by a person.

Hit the Power

Quickly remove the most stubborn hairs from sofas, pet beds, and corners with the powered pet head – a handheld dustbuster® attachment specially designed for tackling the peskiest hair in the most awkward spots.*

*Available on selected models.

POWER SERIES 2 in 1 cordless pet stick vacuum with SMARTECH being used by a person to clean wooden floor.

Stay Fresh

Now you can enjoy a spring aroma for every room in the house. A scented filter leaves a pleasant cotton-fresh scent as you clean, leaving your home feeling natural and new.*

*Available on selected models.