Model No. MTS12

Multievo Scissor Attachment

A Multievo™ is the ultimate multi-tool - with a patented ability to convert into different power tools with interchangeable heads. Add the scissor head to your Multievo™ collection and slice through paper, cardboard and fabrics, such as carpets, with ease. The scissor attachment translates the rotational action of the Multievo™ multi-tool, into a rapid cutting rate - variable from 0-1267 strokes per minute. The cutting rate can be slowed for accurate cutting in curves, or accelerated for powerful cutting along straight lines.

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Features + Benefits

  • An all round essential to have in the home
  • 0-1,267 strokes per min provides the user with a fast and fine cut
  • Variable speed allows the user to have ultimate control when performing detailed curved cuts
Black and Decker - Multievo Scissor Attachment - MTS12

Product Specs

Product Type Multievo™ Attachment
Attachment Type Scissors
Weight 0.64 kg
Drilling speed 0-1267 rpm
Depth of cut 0.5 mm
Strokes 1267.0 /min
Blade size [recip saw] 6.35 mm
  • Straight or curved cuts in a variety of marterials such as: Carpet, Felt, Linoneum, Think Paper, Cardboard, Wire mesh, Vinyl Floor Tiles, Sheet Aluminium, Cloth material, Blister Packaging, thin metal (26g / 0.50mm) and plastic
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