Herb Garden

Difficulty: Beginner

Transform an old pallet into a colourful herb garden with this easy project.

A herb garden DIY project made from an upcycled pallet.

What you’ll need

  • Wooden pallet
  • Wood for sides (ideally from another pallet)
  • 4.0 x 50mm wood screws
  • 120g 0r 240g sandpaper
  • Weed membrane
  • Staples or nails
  • 9mm plywood
  • Screws
  • Exterior wood paint

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Select a suitable pallet and lay it flat on the ground.

A woman selects pallets to use for a DIY project.
A wooden plank being sawn with the BLACK+DECKER® 18V 140mm Cordless Circular Saw.

Step 2

Measure and cut wood for three side edges of the pallet – both long sides and one short side, so one side of the pallet remains open.

Step 3

Fix the wood to the two long sides of the pallet and to one of the short sides with wood screws.

A wooden pallet being drilled into with the BLACK+DECKER® POWERCONNECT™ 18V Cordless Drill Driver.
A wooden pallet being sanded with the BLACK+DECKER® POWERCONNECT™ 18V Cordless Random Orbital Sander.

Step 4

Sand down any rough edges along the top and sides of the pallet.

Step 5

Cut the weed membrane to size, covering the of the bottom of the pallet, and fix with staples or nails.

Fabric being stapled to a wooden frame with the BLACK+DECKER® 3.6V Powered Stapler.
A wooden sheet being screwed to a pallet with the BLACK+DECKER® POWERCONNECT™ 18V Cordless Drill Driver.

Step 6

Cut a piece of 9mm plywood backing to the size of the pallet. Fix over the weed membrane with screws.

Step 7

Paint the pallet your chosen colour.

An upcycled pallet being painted.
Herbs being planted in an upcycled pallet planter.

Step 8

Flip back over and begin to fill with soil and your chosen herbs or plants.

Tip: you can use paint or a paint pen to label each herb on the top of the pallet.

A woman taking a photo of her young son with a completed DIY herb garden project.