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Create A Stellar Space Rocket Table

Make something that’s really out of this world. Our space rocket table is great for storing all their special treasures, you can even customise it with their favourite colours.

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Download and print stencil

Download the rocket stencil PDF and print. The stencil is created on A0 size, so if you have an A4 printer it will need to be printed as separate A4 pages. To do this, select the ‘tile’ option in the print dialogue menu before you print. Your printer will then print out the stencil as 8 separate A4 pages. Alternatively, you can take the stencil file to a local printing shop.

  1. Using masking tape, stick the separate A4 sheets together. And with a sharp knife, cut out the template elements.

    Rocket Step 00

  2. Stick the template to the plywood and carefully draw around it. Repeat this for all of the different template elements.

    You have now drawn your cutting guides onto the plywood. Get ready to start cutting.

    Rocket Step 01

  3. Make sure you are using your jigsaw in a non-pendulum setting. This will give you a better finish while cutting. Carefully cut around the template. It may be best to secure the plywood to your workbench with a clamp. Make sure you’re not cutting into your bench or table of course.

    Start by cutting the outside of the template to avoid having thin parts of plywood to cut later, which would make it difficult to cut securely.

    Rocket Step 03

  4. Then cut out the middle parts of the template and repeat this for all parts of the rocket shelf.

    You now have all parts for the basis of the rocket.

    Rocket Step 04

  5. To add the shelves, decide where you want the shelves to sit on the rocket. We have used 2 shelves on each side and mirrored the positions on the opposite sides, which makes it easier to cut and attach all shelves. 

    Rocket Step 04b

  6. Using a pair of compasses, measure the width of the base at the position where you want to attach the shelf. Measure this on one of the half cut out base parts. This will ensure that the cut out shelf fits within the rocket perfectly.

    Rocket Step 05

  7. Keeping the size of the opening on your compasses, transfer it to your remaining plywood and draw a circle around a corner. Make sure the corner you are using is exactly 90°.

    Rocket Step 05

  8. You can now cut out the first shelf using your jigsaw. Repeat this for all shelves.

    As we mirrored the position of the shelves on the opposite sides of the rocket, we’ve always cut 2 shelves of the same size.

    Rocket Step 07

  9. Carefully sand the shelves to ensure it’s smooth to touch. Do the same for the rest of the rocket, to avoid splinters and making it easier to paint.

    Rocket Step 07

  10. To mark out the correct drilling holes for the shelving, you need to draw the centre lines first. To do so, place one half base panel on the full panel and draw a line along the inner edge. 

    Rocket Step 10

  11. Do the same on the other side. Doing this will leave you with 2 lines, approximately 12mm apart.

    Rocket Step 11

  12. Hold the shelves where you want to place them and draw a horizontal line along the top edge of the shelf. Then make 2 marks about 6mm under that line, and approximately 30mm from the ends of the shelf. These will be your drilling points. Repeat this for all shelves. 

    Rocket Step 12

  13. Then make 2 marks about 6mm under that line, and approximately 30mm from the ends of the shelf. These will be your drilling points. Repeat this for all shelves.

    Rocket Step 14

  14. Use a 3mm drill bit if you’re going to use 3.5 x 30mm screws to attach the shelves. Now use your drill driver in drilling mode and drill all the way through the marks you’ve made in the rocket. Hold the shelves where you want to attach them, lining the top edge up with the line you made, and drill right into them.

    Rocket Step 19

  15. Using 3,5 x 30mm screws, attach all shelves to the base. The 3 base units will be attached by the shelves.

    Attach 2 shelves to the full rocket first. Lay this down flat and then attach one half-rocket to these 2 shelves, drilling pilot holes first. Ensure the top and bottom of the your rocket cut-outs line up otherwise your finished rocket wont stand straight. Repeat for the remaining shelves and the other half-rocket.

    Rocket Step 21

  16. Now that your rocket shelf is finished, it is time to give it your personal touch. Get some bright colours out and paint the rocket as you wish.

    Rocket Step 26

  17. Rocket Step 27

Create A Stellar Space Rocket Table