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‘WELCOME HOME’ - With This Handy Coat Hanger

Add a personal touch to your hallway with this simple hanging solution

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Build this homely coat hook to organise your jackets and scarves. Hang it by your front door for a convenient place to drop coats on your way in, and they’ll be there waiting for you to grab them your way out of the house. Get creative and choose colors that fit your space. Let us know how your project turned out in the comments below!

  1. Have the board cut to size at your local DIY store when you purchase it. Sand your board for a softer look. Even if you don’t have many rough edges, sanding adds a finished, professional look to any piece.

  2. Paint Wood

    Thoroughly sand your cut pieces of pallet. Use 3 strips of tape to separate the board into 4 sections. Then, trace “HOME” letter stencils onto wood with a pencil. Now, paint your wood carefully and stay outside of the stencil – you can paint over tape (carefully – avoid soaking tape with paint). Allow paint to dry fully and remove tape to reveal clean lines.

  3. Coat Hanger Drill Pilot Holes

    Do not start this step until your paint has dried completely! Drill 3 pilot holes for the hooks using your drill driver and a drill bit.

  4. Coat Hanger Attach Hooks

    Also using your drill driver, screw in and secure the 3 coat hooks to your sign.

  5. Coat Hanger Hang

    Using your drill, attach picture mounting brackets to back of sign. Be careful to measure appropriately or your sign may hang crooked! Find 2 studs in the wall and drill a screw into each stud. Attach wire to brackets and hang sign evenly.

‘WELCOME HOME’ - With This Handy Coat Hanger