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Zolea loves to DIY and that’s not a secret! When she moved out in 2017 all she wanted was to make everything in the house herself. This turned out to be harder than expected, but when BLACK+DECKER challenged her to work with their tools, she finally made time to create her own closet. Zolea loves rattan webbing, which she saw multiple and went to work. Here you can find a step-by-step guide and some useful tips to build up the closet from square!

  1. On Pinterest I ran into my dream closet: a beautiful wooden closet with rotan webbing on both sides and on the doors. In store the closet costs up to €3.000, so I wasn’t planning on buying one. The model looks quite simple, so I decided to try and reproduce the closet myself. I started with drawing a building plan. Based on that I calculated the wood I need. The hardest part was to determine the dimensions. I wanted the closet to be 1m30 high, 40cm deep and 80cm wide. So the shelves needed to be 80 on 40. If you want to start without creating a brain hernia, you can easily follow the list underneath:

    For the closet:

    • 4 wooden boards 80 on 40 cm (we are going to cut the corners)
    • 4 wooden beams 130 cm long (square: 4,7 cm on 4,7, since this was available in the store 😉)
    • 1 wooden beam 80 – 4,7 – 4,7 = 70,6 cm (this will be the bottom horizontal beam)
    • 10 wooden board 40 – 4,7 – 4,7 = 30,6 cm (the side boards where the wooden shelves will lean on)

    For the doors:

    • 4 wooden slats 97,5 cm long (you can choose how wide, mine are 3,5 cm)
    • 8 wooden slats 40 – 3,5 – 3,5 = 33 cm long

    For the ornamental slats (to finish up the rotan):

    • 8 wooden slats, sawed in miter: 39 cm long
    • 8 wooden slats, sawed in miter: 79 cm long

  2. When you saw all the wood in the right dimensions, it’s time to start drilling. I decided to put the closet together with dowels, so that it can be taken apart one day. Take 2 beams (130cm long) for the corners and measure every 32.5cm. Mark with a pencil. On that place you drill a hole, half the length of a dowel.

    Tip: use washi tape to mark how deep you can drill on the drill driver.

  3. Place the beam, with the dowels on the floor and place a board (30,6cm) straight against it. When you colour the top of the dowel with a pencil, you can easily make an imprint on the small board. This way you know exactly where the drilling hole should be. Predrill the small boards and the bottom beam. 

    Tip: write a letter or number on every piece in pencil to easily put the closet together without needing to figure out which beam goes where.

  4. Since we won’t fix the shelves onto the closet (we’ll let them lean on the side beams), 3 of the 4 wooden beams need a cut to fit neatly in the closet. Draw a cut of 5cm on every corner with a pencil. The shelve will fit perfectly between the large beams and on the side beams. With a jig saw you can easily saw out the squares. Sand it up a little for the finishing touch.

    Now take the closet apart, time to stain. Stain all the wood: the beams, boards, shelves... Let it dry well.

    Tip: use an old shirt to stain. The effect is way more natural then with a brush. Since the closet will stand inside, a fat layer isn’t necessary. But off course you choose what you like most!

  5. When everything is dry, we can put everything back together. Start with 1 corner beam (130cm) en place the side beams (30,6cm). Close it up by placing the second corner beam on the side slats. Do the same thing for the other side. Place the complete construction against the wall. Connect both sides by attaching the horizontal bottom beam (70.6cm).

  6. The construction is still very shaky. So for you own ease ask some help to do this. Place the shelves on the side beams (start with the bottom one) and place the top shelve (without cuts) on top of the closet. Attach these with long screws onto the wooden corner beams.

  7. To make sure you have a steady construction, I used connection plates I fixed with screws. Together with the wooden dowels, you’ll have a solid closet.

    Now you have a steady rack! To make a real closet out of it, you need the Rotan webbing and 2 doors. I’m afraid this is not easy to ding in small quantities. On second-hand sites I could find a roll for a reasonable price.

    For a closet this size we need 4m of Rotan webbing (40 cm wide). Let the roll webbing soak in lukewarm water for an hour. This way the Rotan gets flexible and easier to manage. If the Rotan dries up, he gets flat again, which gives a nice result.

  8. I start with the doors: place 2 wooden slats of 97.5cm parallel next to each other. Fill the lines up with 4 slats (in my case 33cm long). With glue and nails you arrange the whole as straight as possible.


  9. Create 2 doors and attach the Rotan to the frames with a nail gun. Attach the hinges to the doors with a drill driver. Draw the exact location of the doors on the closet. I found this rather tricky! The doors need to fit perfectly, so take your time. Then attach the doors, with the other side of the hinges. 

  10. Continue on the side of the closet: with thumb tackers or nails you attach the Rotan onto the wood. Cut away any rests with a sharp knife or scissors. Then cut the roll on the exact right length, this way you don’t waste any of the Rotan.

  11. Let the Rotan dry up before adding the ornamental slats. They need to be sawed in mitre, this was hard for me. Please take your time for this or the edges won’t fit perfectly. With wood glue I attached the ornamental slats onto the Rotan. Let them dry up at least an hour, using clamps.

  12. Finally, you close up the back of the closet with a thin MDF-plate. Put this in place using nailers. Your closet is finished!