DIY Christmas Tree

Skill Level: Intermediate

Get crafty with your Christmas Tree and make something a little different this year.

Why settle for a usual Christmas tree? Fun to build and even more, fun to decorate, follow our tutorial step by step to make your own unique Christmas tree that you can enjoy year after year.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Create The Base

Firstly, you’ll be creating the base for your tree. Measure up to cut 2 x 300mm and 6 x 50mm pieces. Make sure you’re using timber of the same depth for each of these cuts to ensure your base is stable and sturdy.


Step 2. Set The Cutting Depth

Set the cutting depth of your circular saw to greater than the depth of the timber. The timber used in our project was 50mm deep.


Step 3. Cut To Size

Fix the timber securely into place using a trigger clamp. Then, using your circular saw, cut the base pieces to size.

Step 4. Prepare To Assemble

You now have all of the pieces you need to make the tree base.


Step 5. Create A Cross Formation

Place one of the 300mm pieces on top of the other to create a cross formation. Attach the pieces using your drill driver and four screws.


Step 6. Attach The Smaller Pieces

Using your drill driver and screws, attach two of the smaller pieces of wood at each end of the 300mm timber you will use as the top of your base.


Step 7. Finish Your Base

Attach one smaller piece of wood to each end of the other piece of 300mm timber. You now have a steady base.

Step 8. Start Making Your Tree

It’s now time to start making your tree. Ranging from 80mm to 1100mm, measure up the branches with your tape measure and mark the cutting lines.  For this tree, we created 35 cuts of timber in total.


Step 9. Create The Tree Trunk And Branches

Eighteen pieces were cut to a length of 100mm to create the tree trunk. For the branches, we used eight lengths ranging from 80mm-1100mm. You’ll need to cut three pieces of each size (1100mm, 950mm, 750mm, 500mm, 300mm, 200mm, 150mm, 80mm).


Step 10. Cut To Size

Fix the timber into place using your clamp. Using the circular saw, cut your pieces of timber to each of the sizes.


Step 11. Get Drilling

Using a spade bit with a larger diameter than your broom handle, drill holes through the centre of each piece of timber and through the centre of your base.

Step 12. Smooth The Edges

Using your sander, smooth the edges of the timber to avoid any splinters.


Step 13. Attach The Broom Handle

Place the broom handle into the hole in the base and place the tree onto the floor.


Step 14. Start Building

It’s time to start building! First, you need to create space for your presents under the tree. Start off with four or five of the 100mm pieces to create your tree trunk.


Step 15. Add Your Base Branches

Use the three widest pieces of timber as your base branches.

Step 16. Keep Adding Branches

Add the progressively smaller pieces of timber and watch your tree start to grow.  Use one or two of the 100mm pieces between each wider piece to create your tree trunk, and space between the branches.


Step 17. Finish With The Smallest Branches

Finish off with the smallest pieces of timber at the top. Arrange the timber pieces individually to create the tree appearance. It’s now ready for you to decorate!